#37 Missing hyphenation in LibreOffice 3.4

Martin Hosken
Németh László

Graphite 2 integration lacks hyphenation points compared with non-Graphite fonts and the previous Graphite 1 integration.

See the word "alkotott" (correct hyphenation in Hungarian: al•ko•tott) in the attached PDFs and ODTs (first page of Genesis in Hungarian).


  • Hyphenation in LibreOffice 3.3

  • Weak Graphite hyphenation in LibreOffice 3.4

  • Fix missing hyphenation by character formatting (underline) in LibreOffice 3.4

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    • assigned_to: keith_stribley --> mhosken
  • Martin Hosken
    Martin Hosken

    I'm sorry Nemethi, I'm not following what this bug is about. I may be blind, but I don't see much difference between the three pdfs. Hyphenation is happening. In addition, graphite doesn't do hyphenation, that's up to the application hyphenation dictionary etc.

  • Martin, there are not intended artifacts in the hyphenation resulting bigger spacing and worse typography, based on bad calculations of Graphite 2 integration. A quasi indifferent modification of the relevant text (eg. underline the relevant word) can fix a missing hyphenation point in LO 3.4. See on the attached new comparison (artifact.png): good hyphenation in LO 3.3, bad in LO 3.4, fix for one missing hyphenation point in LO 3.4).

  • Comparison LO 3.3 and LO 3.4 Graphite integration

  • (Note: this bug doesn't depend on hanging punctuation, only I forgot to switch off it for the screenshots. Without it, the good hyphenation will be "al•kotott" in the example.)

  • LibreOffice had a problem with the hyphenation of words with punctuation, unfortunatelly, I haven't recognized it before. Likely this issue was related to this problem, too. More information: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=56392. Thanks for your help!