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Will the SILEX be sharp enough?

=== abstract ===
This 3rd update of the beta version of SILEX v1 is the last one before v1RC1.
* improvement of the ergonomics of the toolboxes and of the installation
* new components
* new layouts

=== content ===
With SILEX v1 beta 3, we introduce tabs in the properties toolbox to make access to the players properties easier. The installation is completely automatic and detects the hosting capabilities to enable URL rewriting for SEO.... read more

Posted by lexoyo 2008-01-03

An Apple and a SILEX at the beginning of everything

  • SILEX and Open Source Flash will be presented at the Apple Expo 2007 -

Pol and Lexa will give a conference at the Apple Expo 2007 in Paris (see the link below). They are waiting for you at 5 pm on Thursday the 27th of September 2007.

They will introduce open source flash to professionals and make a demonstration of the new version of SILEX - v1.0 beta.

If you have an open source flash project to present, feel free to contact us so that we can do it for you at the end of the conference, or come and do it yourself!... read more

Posted by lexoyo 2007-09-13

A new SILEX is needed

  • abstract: the new version of SILEX will be released soon. Who, how and what exactly? -

Thanks to several partners need to use a new version of SILEX quickly, two extra professionnal developpers are on the wave with us in september. Their mission is to manage the development of the tool boxes which specifications have been released (

The v1 of SILEX introduces a new set of players and tool boxes, a new way of managing the medias, a plug-in system to add editing tools such as rulers or a font management tool. It will be possible to use layers (z-order) and batch uploads.... read more

Posted by lexoyo 2007-09-03

SILEX v1, order in!

//- abstract: The specifications of SILEX v1 are about to be released. If you have ideas or comments, please let us know. Thank you! -//

The specifications of SILEX v1 are to be released on August 20 so that the development begins. You can see the work in progress in the "development" section of SILEX website (

We are still looking for people to help designing and programming consoles to manage SILEX server (settings, websites, users, deep links, components, debug tools). And we will be thankful if you give us some ideas and encouragements.... read more

Posted by lexoyo 2007-08-15

SILEX, Flash and SEO: friends of my friends are my friends

  • Abstract: thanks to SILEX, Flash websites become searchable and fully compatible with SEO -
    1ère Position is the official Search Engine Optimization consultant company for all France Télévision’s websites. They have made SILEX pass their most accurate tests and admitted that SILEX websites are 100% search engine friendly.
    They used to prevent big companies such as Fiducial, La Poste, Total, ... to have Flash websites. They are now considering proposing SILEX for those who wish to have big SEO friendly Flash websites.
Posted by lexoyo 2007-07-19

SILEX for the biggest flash websites ever

SILEX has been used to create a big website of about 200 pages for France Télévisions the 13th biggest French company.
More than 15 people worked on this website simultaneously and the result had to match perfectly a certain design, visually and technically.
Each click is tracked using google analytics and CybereStat, each page is reachable through its specific address (deep linking), a CD-R version of the website with online sections, the server side scripts use ColdFusion, specific functionalities had to be developed quickly and surely - e.g. "send this article to a friend" or " printable version"...

Posted by lexoyo 2007-07-04

New release of SILEX

Thanks to the release v0-7.2 you can install SILEX in minutes on php4+ enabled hosting.
And then start designing your first website right away with a default SILEX server configuration.

Posted by lexoyo 2007-06-22

SILEX training sessions in Paris from 07/05/26 to 07/06/30

8 SILEX training sessions will occur every Saturday from the 26th of May. They will take place in a very well accommodated training room (30 workstations, cafeteria, cooler…) in the centre of Paris. This room is provided by the new partner of SILEX: IESA, the French multimedia school and training centre - please visit

The sessions will be in French or English depending on the audience. Feel free to visit for the details on the location or on the subjects.

Posted by lexoyo 2007-05-09

A new developer joined us at SILEX

Julien is a young French action script developer. He is very talented and he uses most of the advanced features and concepts of the language and IDEs. He is professional for two years, programming all day long also dealing with php and mySQL.
He will help designing the new SILEX UI and help re-organising SILEX API.
Welcome to you Julien and big thank to his company which let him work on SILEX one day a week.

Posted by lexoyo 2007-04-15

SILEX RIA design tool v0-7

v0-7 release is now available for the SILEX RIA developement tool.

Posted by lexoyo 2007-04-07


SILEX is now on and will soon be available for download.

I'll setup the development tools asap. Until it's done, feel free to use the French resources: and

I hope that developers will support the project by subscribing and helping us to reach the v1 version of SILEX.

Posted by lexoyo 2007-04-05