SILEX for Non-Froggies


Silex has 100+ downloads every day.

As you may know, the core SILEX team is in Paris, France.
Now, even though French is the best language in the world...
...we understand that you don't want to learn it just to use Silex.

A lot of users would appreciate a community in their country.
So, in our attempt to go global we want to go local near where you live.

Wherever you are, we are looking for people to help out Silex users
in your country and in your language, so if you feel like helping out, let us know.
We are thinking of forums, tutorials, local gatherings, etc.
But we are open to suggestions.

In exchange you get a link on the Silex homepage
and the chance to become the focal point of a community.

Yours sincerely,
die SILEX Mannschaft

Posted by lexoyo 2009-03-13