On Wed, May 26, 2010 at 11:49 AM, Bert Vermeulen <bert@biot.com> wrote:
> Is it reverse-engineered from the Java client's source?

Yeah, pretty much. The last official release of the sump software had a
contributed patch that had RLE in it, but the docs weren't updated to
include it.

Hm, I see. It would be awesome if you, who I guess did the reversing for the OLS driver, also wrote down your understanding of that part of the protocol in the wiki. Sorry to sound like Captain Obvious, just a thought.
The sigrok driver has the code to decompress an RLE-encoded output stream
from the device, but currently has no way to tell the device to enable it
though. The driver needs some lovin', if you feel like it :)

Yeah, I've started reading through it quite a bit ... I'm still very new to the sigrok code base, and quite confused, but as it gets better I would like to try to improve it. As usual, no promises though, my available time (and motivation) fluctuates quite a bit.