On 21 March 2012 at 05:16 Peter Stuge <peter@stuge.se> wrote:

> Joel Holdsworth wrote:
> > Fx2, a Spartan-3E, and RAM on it, and he's let me borrow it. This
> > seems like pretty much the ideal platform for developing such a
> > device.
> s3e is not at all useful for the speed you need and fx2 may or may
> possibly not be the best USB solution.
> s6 should do it for acquisition, but think hard about the USB. sam3u
> has many advantages.


Thanks for the advice about the dev board. My plan is to begin experimenting with something slow and simple, so that I can work out what specification we actually need - Number of LUTs etc., then when I get that ready, I can acquire more suitable hardware.


Sam3u looks interesting, but quite a lot more complex than Fx2's. Why does it appeal to you? It seems to me that I can expose the tail of the compression block as a parallel bus, and pipe that through the Fx2's GPIF into packets. Rather simple. What do you think?