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SignServer 3.5.0 released

We are happy to announce that SignServer 3.5.0 has been released!
This is a major release with in total 51 issues resolved. The most noteworthy changes can be seen below.

SignServer 3.5.0 Release Notes:

New features and improvements:
- Support for JBoss AS 7.1, JBoss EAP 6.1 and GlassFish 3.1.
- Support for MariaDB.
- Support for JDK 7.
- All worker configuration can now be done from the Admin GUI.
- Document signer for XAdES-BES and XAdES-T contributed by Luis Maia.
- Document validator for XAdES-BES and XAdES-T.
- Support for different signature algorithms in XML signers.
- Various AdminGUI/remote administration improvements.

The security issue found in 3.4.2 opened up the server for a possible denial of service attack if exposed on a public network. Hence SignServer users are recommended to either upgrade to the 3.4.3 version, or this most recent version (3.5.0).

Read the full changelog for details (https://jira.primekey.se/browse/DSS?report=com.atlassian.jira.plugin.system.project:changelog-panel#selectedTab=com.atlassian.jira.plugin.system.project%3Achangelog-panel).

Posted by Markus Kilås 2014-02-28 Labels: release