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Haven't forgot about this - just gotta allocate the time.

Posted by John Schuhr 2009-04-06

Status Update

Still pondering the future of Rebol.. the new Rebol/IOS looks promising, but the company has been pretty quiet the last few months. They still don't have a permanent shipping product. I guess we'll see.

Posted by John Schuhr 2002-04-04

Project Status

I'm still waiting for that warm fuzzy feeling about Rebol's future. It seems to be moving ahead full steam, but there are some features that we really can't do without. Hopefully, they'll be in place soon and development can continue.

Posted by John Schuhr 2001-07-20

A bit of trivia

"Sidereal" is pronounced sy-DEER-ee-all (like siberian), and means "of or pertaining to the stars, the heavens, etc."

Posted by John Schuhr 2001-03-09

Rebol? Huh?

Posted a quick informational doc what Rebol is and how to go about making it work for you.

Posted by John Schuhr 2000-10-27

New survey about possible race

On the "Surveys" page, I've added a quick survey to get an idea of ppl's opinion on a rather odd race possibility.

Posted by John Schuhr 2000-10-26

Scenario doc submitted

A sample of gameplay using Sidereal. Only demonstrates how the players will use the software.

Posted by John Schuhr 2000-10-23

A few Rebol advances

Discovered proper syntax for style-sheets, no thanks to the documentation. Implemented style-sheets in the client-server-poc package.

Posted by John Schuhr 2000-10-22

GUI Network Client/Server POC

Simple proof-of-concept for client/server relationship passing objects around with GUI.

Posted by John Schuhr 2000-10-19

Sidereal Project Creation

Sourceforge project setup. Initial docs and pre-alpha source being uploaded.

Posted by John Schuhr 2000-10-17