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All modules released

Sidaof changes:

New domain module:

Parent changes:

Tester only change is to use the new parent version.

Posted by Jeff Jensen 2011-01-10

New download location

We will no longer publish releases and snapshots to the SourceForge files system.

Instead, snapshot artifacts are now hosted by Sonatype's OSS hosting:
via Nexus:;snapshots~browsestorage~net/sf/sidaof/daof/

via direct web:

Release artifacts have always been available (and continue) via the Maven Central Repository:
via Nexus:;gav~net.sf.sidaof~~~~... read more

Posted by Jeff Jensen 2011-01-10

sidaof 1.3.3 released

Adds helper classes for Services providing DAO access.
Changes summary:

Posted by Jeff Jensen 2010-11-28

sidaof 1.3.0 released

Adds Hibernate DAO, test adapters, signs jar on release, and more.

sidaof 1.3.0 breaks a few backwards compatibilities. See the changes report for info and how to update.

Posted by Jeff Jensen 2010-04-05

sidaof framework 1.2.1 released

Adds runQueryWithSingleResult() convenience methods for consistently running and handling a single-result query.

Posted by Jeff Jensen 2010-04-04

sidaof-tester 1.0.0 released

Its first feature is the GetSetTester for automatically testing get/set methods. Refer to the web site pages, JavaDoc, and its own unit tests for usage and examples.

Posted by Jeff Jensen 2010-03-28