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SIContact 0.0.12 release

The new release of SIContact (0.0.12) is arrived with several important updates. Try it and participate to propose news features or corrections.

Posted by metro-gi 2007-09-19

SIContact forum

All forums of SIContact project have been opened. Now everybody can post, as anonymous, on all forum of SIContact project !

This function has been opened to increase project's activity. Please do not misuse this function, and use advisedly.


Posted by metro-gi 2007-02-22

Sicontact 0.0.11 released

A new version of sicontact project has been released.
Several minor changes have been done in web module.
This version come with support of the XML configuration files of the daemon module. Daemon isn't fully functional but several main functions are fully functionnal but synchronisation between LDAP directory and database doesn't work at now and project need more work.

Any comments are welcome.

Posted by metro-gi 2007-02-05

First package of SIContact

The package of SIContact is available to download.

Daemon of database/LDAP synchronisation is not ready and needs more work to be functional !


The web interface is functional but with no documentation. It will coming soon... ;)

Posted by metro-gi 2006-11-20


SIContact project is now available using CVS.

Posted by metro-gi 2006-11-19