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Sorry for all this waiting time. We have some problem in the team, and we try to correct them.

For Sickness Alpha, we try to finish the version 4, but with that problem the release date as changed.

Sorry for that

Twisted Mind Production

Posted by DoubleA 2006-08-30


See our forum at this adress

It's a bilingual forum (French and English)

Posted by DoubleA 2006-06-04

Alpha 4 is on

We are currently working on Alpha 4.
That will be a great release because the physics will use Newton and we will increase the interactivity by placing a character that can move.

Posted by KKitsune 2006-04-14

Alpha 3 is Over

Sickness Alpha 3 is now up! You can now download and test it.
Alpha 3 regroup some usefull things like a start menu (with the Start, Option and Quit button), an almost fully functiunal Option menu and some physical animation (four box fall on a house).

Posted by DoubleA 2006-03-31


Sickness ALPHA now has two finished version (ALPHA 1 and 2). We will release only ALPHA 2 and over because the fisrt has nothing interesting.

Posted by KKitsune 2006-03-16