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New quick reference card

The quick reference has been updated. Please discard the old one.


Posted by Nils Klarlund 2004-10-04

New help and tips forums

Applied-Recognition, Inc. has been kind enough to host more user-friendly forums. Please find ShortTalk 'help' and 'tips' forums at

Posted by Nils Klarlund 2004-09-30


I've put up an FAQ with answers to the questions that have come up so far. Please see


Posted by Nils Klarlund 2004-09-17

Release .02

A still somewhat experimental release is now available.

Posted by Nils Klarlund 2004-09-14

Creation of ShortTalk project

Welcome! This project will host and maintain the codebase EmacsListen---a GNU Emacs collection of Lisp code for constructing highly efficient speech-controlled user interfaces. In particular, EmacsListen embodies a prototype implementation of ShortTalk, a constructed command language for text editing. The code will be released by its owner, Carnegie-Mellon University, and copyrighted under a BSD license.... read more

Posted by Nils Klarlund 2004-07-01