Thanks wubba,
But i think we are using public network.. which mean ppl from the same country.. can accessed my network.. Michael Cozzi  well nice to read OpenVPN.. i will looking foward on the said solution. but i need fast on what we had disscused early? about how to allow ip with port?

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Subject: [Shorewall-users] Need help and advised

- How can i implement the rules that block everything but at the same time allow the locations that using dynamic ip?..
I hope any suggestions from you expert out there?
Im appreciate..
Thanks is advanced..
Just a sugestion
Allow http only from a list of Dynamic ip's in the range
and refuse the rest of the world.
WEB/ACCEPT    net:    fw
I use whois tool to find the ip Blocks of certain hosts..
whois -h whois.<provider>.net <ip address>