What are you seeing now in the Squid logs?

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squid logs keep saying the same, i send a email to squid-users list with my squid config but i am waiting for some response.

Squid-Users mail i send :

Hello people, i am trying to setup a squid-2.7.STABLE9 + squid-2.7s9-tproxy-4.patch + COSS cache
the problem is the tproxy, is not working, i know maybe i am asking in the wrong place but maybe someone
knows what i have wrong.

Error : http://pastebin.com/b0j3rjhH
My squid setup is : http://pastebin.com/imx88CNJ

and i have this :

OpenSuSE 11.4
iptables v1.4.11

Compiled Opcions: --enable-async-io --with-maxfd=16384 --enable-storeio=coss --with-large-files --disable-ssl --enable-coss-aio-ops --enable-linux-tproxy