SHOP2 Version 2.9.0 released

  • I have just uploaded version 2.9.0 of SHOP2.  This is the first version where we have made significant tests on multiple platforms.  SHOP2 is now known to work on Allegro Common Lisp (ANSI mode), SBCL, and Clozure Common Lisp.  It also works on GNU clisp, but this is a bit rocky (running on clisp, SHOP2 seems to be prone to stack exhaustion errors that clisp cannot catch).  We welcome attempts to get SHOP2 to run on additional implementations (ECL might be particularly interesting; CMUCL should be trivial; ABCL may be difficult because of JVM limitations).

    For the first time, we supply the infrastructure for running our SHOP2 tests as additional libraries (FiveAM, Arnesi, FiveAM-asdf).

    Happy Planning!