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Other languages than English?

H Sundelin
  • H Sundelin
    H Sundelin


    Would it be possible to have a language selector? We non-english speakers make sometimes our docs in native languages..,)

    I believe the MS Ink supports plethora of languages - I noticed though that many of them, like my native Finnish are supported in Win7, but not in XP Tablet 2005. This makes Ink2Text a challenge I suppose, and there should fallback to MS Ink server?

    I guess the first question is does the api even support language selection? After that, there could be a simple configurable selector in SHIP.


  • Hello,

    This is the forum for the S/HIP (Stylus/Handwriting Input Panel).  The Ink2Text & MS InkServer back ends are different projects with different forums.  Please post messages about those projects in those forums, so other people who are interested will find them too.

    As for the S/HIP, you can make keyboards with any Unicode characters you like, and also extra buttons that summon other keyboards with other character keys.  You may create keyboards with Finnish characters, and there is no dependency on the Ink2Text or MS InkServer backends.

    if you do, please consider adding them to this project so that others can use them too.