instead of using www.myapacheserver.tld/shinken you will use shinken.myapacheserver.tld. prety simple hu ?
did it with nginx and work like a charm

2013/4/4 David GUENAULT <>
why not using apache virtual host. This way you can byass the / problem.

2013/4/4 Riccardo Murri <>

I would like to proxy the Shinken WebUI behind an Apache server (using
`mod_proxy` and the `ProxyPass`/`ProxyPassReverse` directives).

Everything works fine if I proxy the WebUI as the root URL of the
Apache server.

However, I would like to use Apache as a front-end for various
monitoring-related tools, so I would like the SHinken WebUI to appear
under the `/shinken` URL. This is where thins start to break, as the
CSS and JS files assume that the WebUI is always served from the root

Is there a way to relocate the Shinken WebUI under a "subdirectory" URL?
(e.g., ``)


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