Good news for LSB ;)

2014/1/25 Sébastien Coavoux <>
Hi all!

I finally decided to create the 2.0-RC1 tag and push it upstream. I was waiting for small easy bugfixes to clear. As there are a lot of change (see the ChangeLog for all details) in the Core I need you guys to test it deeply! As the communication part is new, bug are likely to hide there. I hope we managed to fix the biggest ones :)

Careful when you install Shinken, we want to put LSB path for conf, log and pid. So you will need a /var/run/shinken, /var/log/shinken and /etc/shinken to make it work properly. In my own case I only create the first to and "boot" from git with bin/ for test.

I really fear that the rc1 may not work on windows as I have nothing to test it (and the veosoft installer is so useful :D). I hope someone will be able to give me feedback on that.

Last thing, I'm thinking about tagging all modules with a version in order to have at least one "stable" release of them. What do you think?

Have a nice week-end :)

Sébastien COAVOUX,

Computer Science Engineer (Network && Systems)
Shinken Development Team Member

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