From what I gathered when I did my own tests, you only need to tell the slave that he is not the master (through the shinken-specific.cfg) and everything else will be sent to the slave by the master, including the hosts, the services, but also the commands, hostgroups, etc...

Correct me if I'm wrong, because it's been a long time since I have tried HA, so I might be mistaken...



2011/8/30 Gauthier DOUCHET <gauthier.douchet@gmail.com>

Sorry again to use the mailing but an other problem with the forum :)

I configured a HA architecture (with one master and one slave for scheduler/reactionner/poller/arbiter/broker.
After 2-3 tests, it seems to be well working (congrats for your job!).

I have just a question about the config file for the slave shinken.
I read on the wiki that "You do not need to sync all configuration files for hosts and services in the spare.". So it means, I don't have to copy my objects directory on the slave?
But I have to do it for files like commands.cfg, hostgroups.cfg, etc?

Thank you for your answers.


Gauthier DOUCHET

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