Hi all,

Like you should have seen, the 1.0 is out (http://www.shinken-monitoring.org/news/shinken-1-0-welcome-the-heroic-hedgehog/). We already talk here about all theses new features, and I think you will love them :)

Now it's time to look for 1.2 version. Andreas is working on a webui branch (https://github.com/naparuba/shinken/tree/webui-develop) that change the mootools lib with the more popular jquery one. This will allow us to use far more lib than with mootools, like  a dashboard lib for example. Now I've got some dev time, I'll help him in this orkwork, so in few weeks we should be able to merge it in the master branch. If there are folks that like web dev, you known where to push commits :)

Then we got a huge part to build, the configuration tool. Like we already see, the goal is not to make our own nconf/centreon/nagiosql version, such thing should be stupid and pure time lost. Instead, the idea is to use the powerful discovery part of Shinken, to allow an admin to auto-magically tag their hosts based on rules and service packs. Theses last ones are very important, and will be a major part of the configuration tool. There is already a skonfUI version, but it's a very-very-alpha thing :p

We will also got to work on the discovery capabilities. It's already impressive, with user based discovery rules. But François got really good ideas on this (https://github.com/naparuba/shinken/issues/143) and I think we can add a multi-layer discovery capabilities. It will be the root core of the skonf part, so it should be as powerful as possible (but also easy to use as possible ;) ).

I think we got enough work with this for the 1.2 version. Then it wil be time to look for some advanced features, like the triggers (http://www.shinken-monitoring.org/wiki/triggers). Yes, no-one answer about it, but I know you will love it :)

I also think about advanced modules, with some "prediction/behavior" modules to see something "abnormal". But it will be after the configuration part.

Ok, I talk a lot like always, now it's your turn :) :
I think we should open an exchange place for "service packs" (service templates + discovery rules). It should be possible to "push" from cli, and to get from a http lib if possible. Do you know about a tool that allow us this? I don't know what wordpress.com is using for its plugins repository.

So, time to get back to emacs and new features :)