On Tue, Aug 28, 2012 at 1:18 PM, Hermann Lauer <Hermann.Lauer@iwr.uni-heidelberg.de> wrote:
Hello Jean,
Probably a version number could be added to the pyro communication, so
missed upgrades on remote hosts could not break the upgraded daemons.
Good point. It's a bit too late for 1.2, but I open a ticket so it will be ok for 1.4.

> For the 2.6 requirement, from now the situation is like the 1.0 version,
> the core work for 2.4, and only some modules ask for 2.6 (mainly the WebUI
> in fact). The question is still open in fact (if we can't have 2.6 in OMD,
> it will be a real problem).

So our udp broker modules (which needs 2.6) for nagios plugin performance data
(https://bitbucket.org/hlauer/shinken2rrd) could be included after 1.2, if guys like.
New included is a patch for graphite-carbon to use it as a receiver.
Yes no problem, will be a pleasure to include :)


Appended is a patch fixing two typos.
Thanks, it's commited :)

Many thanks for your work,
You're welcome :)