Hi all,

It's a long time since the 1.2, and we got great things for 1.4, so it's time to go in freeze mode and hunt the last remaining bugs, and fully test the new features.

So please don't push new feature to the master, multi_brokers or develop-webui branchs, I'll merge them to master soon. If you got a feature, please open a devel branch and commit in this one.

When the 1.4 is out, we will be able to talk about the 1.6 version, and some ideas I got about a change in the directory structure (teasers : about packs and modules) and some new helping commands (like shinken-admin but in more powerful way).

Ready? Ok FREEZE :)

The parts that need some advanced tests before release are :
* multi-brokers : especially with scheduler stop/start or connexion lost.
* macro/checks_modulations : it's quite simple, but maybe a corner case was missed :p
* webui : there are some news especially about the host view, I'll open a new thread about this specific part after the merge.

Andreas : if you can, can you merge the other branch for WebUI into devel-webui if you think it's good enough? If not, it will wait a 1.6 version.

One last thing : we will try to got far less time between 1.4 and 1.6 (yes I know, I already say this for 1.4..., but this time I'll soonly have far more time to work on Shinken so things should go quicker quite soon :D ).

Oh : when the release will be out? After you test it :D
So the quicker you test it, the quicker 1.6 will be out :)