Great feature ! 

I think this is really something usefull that other monitoring box doesn't have. 
In the same way, the next step could be "macro_ways" :

* having macro variables whose values can change over the time :

We just need to find a clear syntax for that :)


2013/2/22 nap <>
Hi all,

I just pushed an exciting feature into the git repository : Check ways. The idea is to allow admins to define different thresholds in checks based on the timeperiod. For example you put low thresholds the day, and bigger ones the night.

To define one, it's very easy :
define checkway{
       checkway_name    Huge_load_the_night
       check_period         night
       check_command   check_load!10!20

Then in your service you can just call it :
define service{
       use                           generic-service
       host_name                srv-checkways

       check_command       check_load!1!2
       checkways               Huge_load_the_night

So? During the day the checkway is not active, and so the default check_command is used. But during the night, the new check_command is called instead. If you got several checkways in your host/service definition, it will use the first available.

Want to give a try? Go clone the check_ways branch in the git repo :

An extension for checkways is about filtering about object state too (like only if critical, etc). But let first start with this version, and if need, we can add new options to it.

Good test :)


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