I've got a pretty big issue with how shinken deals with logs.
Actually, we are using the logger class /level for everything.

For example :

logger.info("Total number of hosts : %d"
logger.info("I correctly loaded the modules: []
logger.info("[Livestatus Broker] Starting Livestatus application")


console_logger.info('HOST ALERT: %s;%s;%s;%d;%s'

Then all those logs are sent via Brok to logstore.
They are both stored using the Class = 2 (aka program states).

But they don't come with the same scope/meaning.

This is problematic for all Livestatus queries. With Thruk for example, when calculating a SLA, the LiveStatus uses this filter : 
Filter: class = 2

So we are fetching tons of useless logs. and then we are "eating" a lot of memory.
See issue : https://github.com/naparuba/shinken/issues/462

I think we should separate what I call "syslog" log with "Shinken internal logs"

Maybe we could create a custom logging level and only this level will be stored into logstore ?

What do you think about this ?