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Hi everyone,

In a redundant architecture, the failure of a component isn't a problem but we can't say that it's an OK state. Here is a proposition to modify compute of business rules and change the name of the differents states :

All OK => NOMINAL instead of OK
bp_rules computation return OK but some services are in warning/critical state => DEGRADED instead of OK
bp_rules return KO => NON FONCTIONAL instead of CRITICAL

The attached patch implement this behavior in shinken and thruk.


I think such behavior should be optionnal. A Business rule can be a view for bosses, and so for them it's better to avoid orange for one html down in when 9 others are OK. But it's the admin choice after all. 

But there is another use of the business rules : complex network installations : you get a "cluster switch" as an host with a business rule expression, but a 1 will say down when there will be no problem (there is no warning in an host, so it's down).

That why I think such "agressive" behavior should be optionnal. If we can find a good name for a new property, we can interger the patch with   an additionnal "if" :)

Comments are welcome.


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