On Mon, Nov 29, 2010 at 2:45 PM, DEGREMONT Aurelien <aurelien.degremont@cea.fr> wrote:
nap a écrit :
>     The most important part is the "Test results".
>     I can help you fix this.
>     What have you put in Hudons build step, what is the log error from
>     Hudson ?
> I cannot find the "coverage" tool under ubuntu. In which package is
> it? (I try the --coverage function of nose, but it do not output it in
> the xml file).
2secs with Google: "apt-get install python-coverage" :-)
Yes I nstalled it, but there is no "coverage" binary in it (ok for the python lib, the noseset is happy) :)

Are you sure that it's with this package? Can you try a apt-file ?



nosetests can run the code coverage analysis in the same time that it
runs shinken tests, this avoids the need to run tests 2 times, but it
only generate the coverage internal results. To have the XML output,
either you need to install nose-xunit plugin, or, simply call coverage
after nosetests:

|$ rm coverage.xml
$ nosetests ... --with-xunit --with-coverage --coverage-erase
$ coverage xml --omit /usr/share,/usr/lib|

Here is


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