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  1. Is it really necessary to retry execution via the shell (shell_launch=True)? In my test, shell-scripts have been executed fine even with Popen(..., shell=False)
If I remember right, the | and co things were not good. I'll look at the tests to see if it's so true (if I'm wrong, it's better, far less code :) ). But there are commands that raised an Exec format error like centreon perfdata launch, that are a shell script ... without #!/bin/sh ;(
  1. Is this statement "We allow direct launch only for 2.7 and higher version because if a direct launch crash, under this the file handles are not released" referring to the bug fixed in Python revision 69620? (See <http://svn.python.org/view/python/tags/r271/Lib/subprocess.py?r1=67543&r2=69620>)
Seems this one yes. It's a problem when you got an exception on the Popen the file descriptors are not closed. So inthe code, we loop to the shell launch, and it run. But after 500 launch, we fill up the 1024 fd limit, and then all checks are bad with a Too much open files open.

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