2011/1/26 Albéric de Pertat <alberic@depertat.net>

2011/1/26 nap <naparuba@gmail.com>


Like I said, nrpy is a standalone daemon like nrpe is, and check_nrpy is a standalone "binary". It should be usable out of the box. About integrating it inside shinken, I don't know enough about the general infrastructure to answer that.
In fact for the client, the goal is to bypass a fork, and so give this nrpe lib to the "workers" (python process that really do the job) so they can just load it, launch the connexion without having to fork/Popen a process for it. I think we can expect huge performances for this :)

For the daemon, it can be a very good base for an enhanced agent. But it's far harder that just a "worker call" :p

Let start with the "easy" client and poller modules, then we can start to think to after. If some are interesting to start directly to the daemon mode, they can of course, I won't stop them :)