I add the spare management for the Arbiter. I test with only two Arbiters : one master, one slave. Both have configurations files, but they do not need to be sync : the slave only use it to have it's listening adress. The master send all conf to the slave (and so the slave drops it's old conf).

The master speak to the slave every loop (one second) and if the slave do not listen about the master after some times (from now 5s hard coded, but it will be a property in the near future), he just run (dispatch all confs, liten to nagios.cmd, etc). If the master came back, the master ask the slave to return in idle. That is simple, we can think about more complex way of doing in a future version if we need it.

With Gerhard's objects.dat and the new arbiter spare, the 0.1 version is not so far if we manage to have a good documentation :)