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Could an external command be the trigger for the macro modulation, time based is good, but command based is really good as your external system can send triggers as required.



On 13-03-26 4:28 AM, nap wrote:

I think you remember the check_modulation to change the commands based on the timeperiods. I think it was a bit too hard to use with the packs. So I implement another idea from Olivier Hanesse : macro modulations. After all, it's not really the full command wewant to change, but only the warning/critical values for 99%in 99% of the cases.

So one easier way it to allow user to change the macros based on time. And here we got : macro_modulations :)

It's quite easy to use, and will be fully compatible with the packs based configuration.

Let's take our basic linux pack :

define host{
   name                         linux
   use                            generic-host
   check_command        check_ping
   register                      0

   _LOAD_WARN                   2,2,2
   _LOAD_CRIT                   3,3,3

We want to change the _LOAD_WARN and _LOAD_CRIT macro during a specific timeperiod, like the "backup" one. All we need it to define this :

define  macromodulation{
        macromodulation_name           Huge_load_during_backup
        modulation_period                   backup
       _LOAD_WARN                        5,5,5
       _LOAD_CRIT                          8,8,8

And in your linux template, or directly the hosts, you can call this modulation :
define host{
   name                         linux
   use                          generic-host
   check_command                check_ping
   register                     0
   macromodulations         Huge_load_during_backup     

   _LOAD_WARN                   2,2,2
   _LOAD_CRIT                   3,3,3

And you are done. During this "backup" timeperiod, the custom macros will be changed automatically in all your linux hosts. Of course you can have several modulations by hosts.

You can give a test about this, the tests are OK and the code was quite simple, so I think there should not be any bugs remaining of this :)

Good test :)


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