On 05/02/2011 04:38 PM, nap wrote:
There is no way for this, the only module that generate such file is the object, and it's only here for CGI compatibility, not for debugging links. Maybe we can add such a dump() call for daemons with a signal in the next version.

I think it would be helpful.

As I can see, notifications still are handled only for host alerts and shinken makes a host alert notification in every hour as defined by notification_interval. Service alerts are not sent and it doesn't care about state changes.
And theses services got hosts in UP state? Because I do not see what can be wrong in your configuration.


And there is another thing. As you can see, ratain_(non)status_information is 0. If I see well, it should restart checks from the state PENDING on every restart. It does not do it, every state is preserved. Even if I remove the file retention.dat.
The retain(non) is not managed (I didn't find why it can be good to forgot data in fact and when no one say it was important, we put is as a non managed property).

I tried it because it's in wiki:

The remove of the retention.dat is more strange. What retention module are you using for your scheduler (if I'm not wrong, there is none by default, but the easiest one to activate is the pickle- flat file- one).

What do you mean about retention module? Is this something, I can change?

Anyway, this was me. Before I removed retention.dat than restarted shinken. This time stop, rm retention.dat, start and success, I see pendings:)
And now here is the surprise, I got service notifications!
Than I changed the address in the host definition, so it got DOWN and a notification was sent. Still OK.
I changed the host address back, it got UP with no notification:

[2011-05-02 17:52:51] HOST ALERT: cindy;UP;HARD;10;OK - rta 0.040ms, lost 0%
[2011-05-02 17:52:04] SERVICE ALERT: cindy;ssh;OK;HARD;3;SSH OK - OpenSSH_4.3 (protocol 2.0)
[2011-05-02 17:43:38] HOST ALERT: cindy;DOWN;HARD;10;CRITICAL - Host unreachable @ rta nan, lost 100%
[2011-05-02 17:43:38] HOST NOTIFICATION: tompos;cindy;DOWN;notify-host-by-email;CRITICAL - Host unreachable @ rta nan, lost 100%

I also have some question again.

1. Why was SERVICE ALERT before HOST ALERT?  My guess is and documentation says HOST SATE is checked before SERVICE STATE. Or I misunderstanding something?

2. Why was them not in SOFT UP before HARD UP?

3. Why was not made a notification?;)

4. If I understand the documentation and your suggestion well, SERVICE ALERTS depend on HOST STATE? In other words if HOST STATE IS DOWN, there is no SERVICE ALERT (CHECK?).

Thank you,