hi again,


i found it !

the importerro occurs when i use the -d switch when starting the shinken programs. I saw this switch in some discuss on logs and of course it starts shinken as daemon... noway on windows. I think i have to change eyes or something else before posting...


Sorry for that.

Maybe it is possible to add a check for non supported system by catching the exception ?

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Objet: Re: [Shinken-devel] Error in logs of the arbiter - and maybe other shinken programs

On Tue, Aug 7, 2012 at 4:22 PM, Jean-François BUTKIEWICZ <jean-francois.butkiewicz@veosoft.net> wrote:
I'm back from holidays :)
I don't really understand why this code is called, under windows, this function should not be called, like the whole "daemonize" thing. How are you launching the daemon exactly?