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Dealing with User Account Control

After 1 month of testing Shiela USB Shield. Some components and functions of Shiela fails when User Account Control enabled such as accessing the registry for saving app settings and writing a log file.

To solve this problem, do the following steps:
1. Right click shiela.exe and select properties. (This file mostly found in \Program Files\Shiela USB Shield)
2. Click Compatibility Tab.
3. On Privilege Level, check "Run this program as an administrator".
4. Click OK or Apply.... read more

Posted by Martin P. Rizal 2014-03-08

Shiela USB Shield 3.2.2 released


  • Add recognition of "js" as executable file
  • Some GUI revisions.


  • Any modifications on USB Port and USB Mass Storage settings requires rebooting the computer.
  • The undeletable autorun folder was still in working progress.
Posted by Martin P. Rizal 2014-01-05 Labels: release

Strange folder attributes

I notice that the folders created by gamarue virus has a strange attributes. At first the folder is hidden when see it in windows explorer. However when it is checked the attributes it returns as an ordinary directory. I need more time to analyze this behavior or a volunteer who will solve this problem.

Posted by Martin P. Rizal 2014-01-03

2014: Tweaking at revising Shiela

Shiela will go under code revision at bugfix on 2014. I received some bug reports regarding these matters:

  • Enable/Disable USB Devices
  • USB pendrive write protection
  • Undeletable autorun.inf folder
Posted by Martin P. Rizal 2013-12-30

Shiela USB Shield 3.2.1 released


  • Improved directory fixing for the folders which was modified by gamarue virus.
  • Application memory scheduler can be now disable.
  • With Visit Website menu for accessing Shiela website easily.
Posted by Martin P. Rizal 2013-11-17

About interface and updates

Some users say that the interface of Shiela USB Shield is not pretty and does not notify for new updates. Well there is a reason behind of it.

About Interface: Performance is more important than appearance. I made the interface a simple as possible but still user friendly in order to perform Shiela's essential task fast and also to make run in small memory footprint.

About update notifications: Every version of Shiela USB Shield was designed to be dynamic and to survive at any possible situation. If you want to be informed about new version, just visit the Shiela USB Shield here at sourceforge.

Posted by Martin P. Rizal 2013-11-05 Labels: about interface shiela update

Shiela USB Shield 3.2 released


  • More user friendly interface.
  • New interface for File and Folder unhider.
  • Some bugfixes.
Posted by Martin P. Rizal 2013-10-25


My account on sourceforge was disabled without any notice. It means that the original page of Shiela USB Shield was deleted together with the source code and programs. As of now I will attempt to restore files and articles as soon as possible.

Posted by Martin P. Rizal 2013-09-28