import from t-bird

  • renegate98

    at first: sorry for my bad english. i help myself with a online-translator :-)
    i was surprised, when i saw that there is evolution now also for windows and i'm happy. i used this in linux and it was very good.
    now i want change from thunderbird to evolution, but how i can transfer my emails and accounts?
    everyone who can help me, is gotten a virtual beer :D

    • jehowe

      You can do it, but it's a real kludge and very time consuming.

      The short answer is it won't work using Evolution's import function due to a known bug in this windows version.  Using the MboxImport extension with Thunderbird you can export mail to the .mbox format, but it crashes Evolution every time when attempting to import it.

      I managed to pull it off by setting up:

      1) a linux OS with evolution (Ubuntu in my case came with version 2.6.1)
      2) importing the Thunderbird .mbox files into evolution on the linux machine (it will work) and
      3) carefully copying and pasting the mail files (inbox and sent in my case) from the updated linux version to the corresponding evolution files in windows.  I only transfered the emails.  The account settings and contacts I entered manually.

      You can actually run linux easily on one windows machine using vmware (  They offer a free player and have a list of free 'appliances' that run within the player- including Ubuntu and many other linux distro's.  Good luck.