Windows look and feel

  • Today I run many gnome / gtk apps on my windows xp desktop (when I'm forced to, I dual boot with fedora and rhel). Gimp, Planner, Pigdin works like a charm. Evolutions works very well too, thanks for the port, but unlike other gtk applications I use Evolition does not look like a windows app... it looks like a gtk app without any theme, just the boring and ugly default gtk looks.

    I know gimp and etc actually use a gtk or gnome theme that makes them look like windows xp apps, would it be so hard to make Evolution use the same theme?

    It would also be nice to share DLLs with gimp pidgin and planner, so they take less RAM when running at the same time. Maybe you could provide two installers, like pdigin does, or simply direct people to download gtk from gimp and install it as a prerequisite.

    []s, Fernando Lozano

    • I tried copying all files from the gip gtk package over my evolution installation and now it looks much better. It even looks more responsible. :-) Maybe now you'd consider using the gimp gtk package as standard for the next evolution installer release.

      []s, Fernando Lozano