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SharpPcap / News: Recent posts

Preliminary AirPcap support

Preliminary AirPcap support was pushed out to git master in the past week. We would be interested in feedback on API changes and the AirPcap support if you are familiar with pulling source code from git. AirPcap support, as well as WinPcap remote device support, will be a part of the next SharpPcap release.

Posted by Chris Morgan 2011-01-04

Vote to get geshi mediawiki extension in SF

The Geshi extension to mediawiki, http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi adds support for source code highlighting. Syntax highlighting makes code examples on wiki pages easier to read.

SourceForge doesn't currently support this feature but your votes can help show them that you'd like to see this feature available to help project maintainers show examples and code usage.

You can read the idea suggestion and vote at http://sourceforge.net/apps/ideatorrent/sourceforge/ideatorrent/idea/483/

Posted by Chris Morgan 2010-01-24

Packet.Net v0.1.0 released!

SharpPcap's packet dissecting and constructing classes have been rewritten and redesigned in Packet.Net, http://packetnet.sf.net. The packet classes are better documented, higher performance and the code is much cleaner. Check out Packet.Net at its SourceForge project page http://packetnet.sf.net

Posted by Chris Morgan 2010-01-22

v2.2.0 released

pcap_stats() support via PcapDevice.Statistics(). Xml documentation now built and included in binary releases. Api improvements by switching to using enums and renaming enum values. Performance improvements in PcapDeviceList by switching the class to be a singleton.

Posted by Chris Morgan 2009-12-27

SharpPcap 2.1.2 released

  • Fixed crashes on 64bit Windows due to timeval marshalling
  • Added some packet validity checking to the Packet base class via public bool IsValid(out string errorString)
  • Added PcapInterface.FriendyName that contains a human readable name for the interface.
  • Added support for setting/clearing non-blocking mode via a PcapDevice.NonBlockingMode accessor
  • Download at http://sharppcap.sf.net
Posted by Chris Morgan 2009-10-08

Migrated from svn to git

We've migrated from svn to git. This will simplify accepting patches from contributing developers as git patches contain the authors information, something we've had to manually enter for each patch with subversion. It also makes our ChangeLog file obsolete as the changelogs for each version can be generated from the repository changes, and will include proper attribution for each change.

Posted by Chris Morgan 2009-09-08

SharpPcap 2.0.0 released

Includes Mono support, lots of code cleanup and some bug fixes. More information can be found in the Changelog for the release. Lots of things changed so please test this new version out and report any issues or bugs you find.

Posted by Chris Morgan 2009-02-05

Linux/Mac support via Mono

Support for Linux and Mac platforms has been added to SharpPcap. The changes are currently only present in svn but will be rolled out in the next release (although that may be a little while).

Posted by Chris Morgan 2009-01-17