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SharpOS 0.0.1 (M1) Release Announcement

DATELINE January 1st, 2008

SharpOS: Proof of Concept for a C# Operating System Kernel

The SharpOS project has completed a proof-of-concept implementation of an operating system kernel written in C#; offers basic kernel subsystems as well as interactive diagnostics shell.

anuary 1st, 2008 (UTC). The SharpOS Project today announced the immediate availability of the first release of the SharpOS Kernel and Ahead-Of-Time (AOT) Common Intermediate Language (IL) byte code compiler, both written using the ECMA standard C# programming language and licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3.0 with the Classpath Linking Exception. Our AOT engine takes a CIL assembly as it’s input and produces machine code output which is meant to be run directly on the processor, without an underlying operating system. Our The kernel offers a set of basic kernel subsystems for developers as well as a diagnostics shell, allowing users to interact with and query the kernel’s information.... read more

Posted by William Lahti 2008-01-01