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SharpJukebox / News: Recent posts

SharpJukebox 0.3 on the way

As the activity percentile shows, SharpJukebox is not dead. Version 0.3 will be a significant expansion of the program, and the coding and refactoring is pretty time-consuming. Version 0.3 is targeted for a release before the end of the year.

Posted by Chris Woodbury 2002-12-01

SharpJukebox 0.2 released

Version 0.2 of SharpJukebox ( http://sourceforge.net/projects/sharpjukebox/ ) has been released. It includes ID3v1 support, as well as some organizational and usability improvements.
This version is still a far cry from what the program will become, but it's somewhat usable now.

Posted by Chris Woodbury 2002-07-14

SharpJukebox 0.1 released

The first release of the program, version 0.1 is available. It's pretty minimal - just some basics to start building upon - and hardly resembles what's to come in more mature versions.

Posted by Chris Woodbury 2002-07-04