SharpDevelop 4.2 Beta 2 – In Full Color!

1) Release Information

The Beta 2 release is centered around quality – ranging from bug fix to improving our infrastructure to support Web and Windows better than before. In this Beta release you will find the following new features:

* .NET 4.5 targeting support
* CQA Reports

You can read more about SharpDevelop install requirements – which changed for Windows 8 – in Daniel’s blog post:

Siegfried details the changes to our project system:

And finally, see Christoph’s blog for our future platform directions:

2) Downloads

SharpDevelop 4.2:

3) Support

Our primary means of support is via our Web-based forum (please do not email team members directly unless they advise you to do so in the forum):

Posted by Christoph Wille 2012-03-04