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SharpConstruct / News: Recent posts

SharpConstruct 0.12 Release Candidate 2

* Simplified wireframe drawing.

* The red cursor is now drawn in immediate mode rather than with display

* Using the draw brush with layer + colorize activated now behaves as
expected when a portion of the model is masked.

* After clicking the Center button, or after using the Zoom slider, Simple
Rotation's data is updated to avoid unexpectedly rotating the model.

* Windows shows correct version number in about box.... read more

Posted by Nicholas Bishop 2006-04-29

SharpConstruct 0.12 Release Candidate 1

This release features a Windows port, a masking tool to improve modeling and
deformation control, adjustable shading with GLSL vertex shaders, and
support for the Lightwave object format. Also new are interactive
deformation controls, curve-based brush control, and extra tablet controls.

More information can be found here:

Posted by Nicholas Bishop 2006-04-20

Testing builds for Windows

Exciting news for Windows users: Timon Christl has released the first test build of SharpConstruct for Windows. For a URL and other instructions, see this page:

Posted by Nicholas Bishop 2006-02-26

SharpConstruct 0.11 Released

This release features a new GTK+ interface that greatly improves usability by using standard interface elements. SharpConstruct now supports graphics tablets, dynamically adjusting the brush with pen pressure. Also new is a display accelerator, which can increase the speed of small detail modeling.

Posted by Nicholas Bishop 2006-01-17

SharpConstruct 0.11 Release Candidate 1

This release features a new GTK+ interface that greatly improves usability by using standard interface elements. SharpConstruct now supports graphics tablets, dynamically adjusting the brush with pen pressure. Also new is a display accelerator, which can increase the speed of small detail modeling.

Posted by Nicholas Bishop 2006-01-05

SharpConstruct 0.10 Released

This release adds support for temporarily hiding portions of the model;
partial model visibility improves the speed of editing and drawing the
model. The addition of several new brush modifiers extends the way the
brush interacts with the model. Important bug-fixes include reduced CPU
usage and a memory-efficient undo system.

-Nicholas Bishop

Posted by Nicholas Bishop 2005-08-09

SharpConstruct 0.09.1 Released

A bug in the last release caused the new brush system to crash; this
update fixes the problem, as well as another (related) bug. Thanks to
Sebastian Czech for making me aware of the problem.

Download the source tarball or binary here:

-Nicholas Bishop

Posted by Nicholas Bishop 2005-06-22

SharpConstruct 0.09 Released

SharpConstruct 0.09 contains many important changes to the brush system.
Most notably, alphas are now used to control the shape and strength of
the brush, making it easy to smoothly add small details quickly. Many
improvements have been made to the interface and to common operations,
such as subdividing and model rotation.

The release notes give more details:
https://sourceforge.net/project/shownotes.php?release_id=336806... read more

Posted by Nicholas Bishop 2005-06-21

SharpConstruct 0.08 Released

SharpConstruct 0.08 contains many new tools, including a new
primitive type, a new modeling brush, and a number of new deformations.
Also new is support for quads; this means that when loading a model
containing quads it won't be converted to triangles anymore. More
features have been added to the interface, including snap-to-border

The release notes give more details:
https://sourceforge.net/project/shownotes.php?release_id=329741... read more

Posted by Nicholas Bishop 2005-05-24

SharpConstruct 0.07 Released

SharpConstruct 0.07 features a completely new interface rendered using
OpenGL, freeing the program of several toolkit dependencies. Other
improvements include undo/redo for mesh subdivision and dynamic
previews for deformations, allowing you to quickly see how different
levels will change the model.

For the first time, a binary has been released along with the source.

The release notes give more details:
https://sourceforge.net/project/shownotes.php?release_id=321928... read more

Posted by Nicholas Bishop 2005-04-20

Sharpconstruct: March development news

As I have recently been reminded, I haven't posted any news about the
project for a while. I can't yet say when the next release will be, but
work continues at the usual pace.

Most of the work done since 0.06 was released has been changes to the
interface. I wasn't comfortable with the direction the interface had
been progressing in. Partly because it was too crowded, and partly
because it wasn't flexible enough for my needs. FLTK is a great tool,
but it's not designed for a 3D sculpture application. So, I decided to
write my own toolkit for SharpConstruct. It's taken a little while, but
I now have some fairly good code written, enough to bring the interface
up to around the level it was before the changes. Now the improvements
can begin.... read more

Posted by Nicholas Bishop 2005-03-13

SharpConstruct 0.06 Released

SharpConstruct 0.06 features new SSE optimizations, allowing higher-
resolution polygon meshes than was possible before. Other
improvements include better rotation controls and an upgraded interface,
as well improvements to the build process.

The release notes give more details:

Download the source tarball here:
https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=112386... read more

Posted by Nicholas Bishop 2005-01-26

Yet Another Status of SharpConstruct

Yet more time has gone by, and still no SharpConstruct 0.06! Believe it or not, development continues at more or less the same speed as ever; the problem is that a lot of experimentation is being done right now, so I have very little finished code to show for all my work.

That said, there have been some useful improvements, some of which were completed right after 0.05. If I don't get 0.06 ready sometime soon, I may take some time off to get those improvements packaged up and available. (For example, rotation no longer feels like dragging a boulder up an underwater mountain.)... read more

Posted by Nicholas Bishop 2005-01-10

Status of SharpConstruct: preparing for 0.06

I've had to break from my usual one release per month schedule, simply
because the next version is not yet ready. Work is progressing, however.
I've taken care of many things that have been in need of work for
several months, as well as the usual bug fixes and speed improvements.
The interface has also been improved to better organize the increasing
number of controls.

But the real work centers around texturing. Previous versions added
vertex coloring, but as this is dependent on mesh resolution, its use is
limited. What is currently under development is proper texture painting,
where even a one-polygon mesh can have practically infinite detail,
simply by using a large texture.... read more

Posted by Nicholas Bishop 2004-12-04

SharpConstruct 0.05 Released

SharpConstruct 0.05 Released

This release includes the major enhancement of vertex colors. This means
that, in addition to sculpting, SharpConstruct can now paint on
models as well. Other important changes include working subdivision and
fixes to the compile process.

A new 0.05 manual is available, as well as a totally new Getting Started
guide. Both are available in the Documentation section of the
SharpConstruct website.... read more

Posted by Nicholas Bishop 2004-10-20

Status of SharpConstruct

I'm happy to say that I'm almost ready to release SharpConstruct 0.05.
You can expect to see an improved interface, and some older
features working again, especially working subdivision using the GTS
library. Also, entirely new feature: the beginnings of vertex coloring

As important, the configure script should now properly check for the
libraries needed by SharpConstruct, which should help the people having
trouble compiling by providing more exact error information. To those
people who took the trouble to email me with information about compile
errors, thanks a lot! Without that data, I wouldn't know about problems.... read more

Posted by Nicholas Bishop 2004-10-10

SharpConstruct 0.04 Released

The big feature in this release is the switch from OpenGL's immediate
mode rendering to vertex buffer objects. The advantage is that mesh data
can be stored in video or AGP memory, which has the potential to greatly
improve the speed of larger models. And for organic computer sculpture
of the SharpConstruct type to work, I think higher polygon counts are of
huge importance, so this is an area I intend to continue to work a lot
more on.... read more

Posted by Nicholas Bishop 2004-09-15

SharpConstruct 0.03 Released

SharpConstruct 0.03 adds two new brush modes, three new deformations, an improved user interface, and many fewer bugs.
More info: http://sourceforge.net/project/shownotes.php?release_id=258240
Download: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=112386&package_id=121637&release_id=258240

Posted by Nicholas Bishop 2004-08-10