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Bugs? & Slowdown

I've noticed on a few computers I've tried running this off of, that there seems to be an issue with the control we use for the browser.
This will need to need to be checked into later, and onced fixed it should work on most every comptuer from what I'm hoping.

Also with the holiday weeks being arround most everyone has been busy including myself plus I am now working, so getting free time on the computer lately has been a delicacy thus the project has been haulted for the time being, as well as for me to catch up programming wise with my partner in crime : ).
I might also have to set this project back a bit when I do get some free time because I need to work on a project that my teacher wants me to try and do, though I'm not even sure if he knows what he wants :P... read more

Posted by CTS_AE 2008-12-25

Rev23 & more?!

There is a new somewhat "intro window" to this now. We are finally stepping into the age of customization, though there are minimal Settings at the moment, but there will be more to come soon!

Took me a while to figure out how I wanted to go about it code-wise, but I think there is a good system worked out. Also codewise some control names probally should be switched arround so they are persistent.... read more

Posted by CTS_AE 2008-12-16


New revision out, nothing special as before, but more functionality is slowly increasing and begining to work : )

Posted by CTS_AE 2008-12-14

Splash Screen; Go Shonnie!!! xD

Not many if any browsers have a splash screen, probably because they want it up then and there, but it might actually have some use to it, and space out load of work instead of processing it all at once.

Congrats to Shonnie for making this all possible.

Supports the most advanced transparent png's, down to the simplistic other picture formats.

Option wise, this will be something that will be tog-able in the settings (on/off), we may also allow the user to select an image they'd like it to show for the splash, but this is not yet confirmed, though if our mission statement is simplicity, with advanced customization this falls right under the "customization" though keeping our logo as a start keeps integrity; represent! ... read more

Posted by CTS_AE 2008-12-12

Beta Wall Paper and gfx

In screen shots there is an image that is natively sized at 1280x1024 for a desktop wall paper.
It's very simplistic right now, but after I talk with Shonnie we'll have more ideas on where we are going with this :)

You can snatch this file @

Posted by CTS_AE 2008-12-10

First news !

Jd (PrivT) has joined the team, and I finally got 'round to making a download package. Nothing fancy yet, as we're still early in the development stages and don't have much time to work on it :P

Posted by Shonnie 2008-12-09