Shaman 1.0 RC 1 Released!!

After just some days from Beta 3, we're proud to bring you Shaman RC 1. We tried to make this release as bug free as possible, and we're willing to release Gold in a short time.
Don't get fooled by the relatively short commit log: there's more than meets the eye compared to Beta3. All KDE4.1 users will be surely happy to see the huge progress the KRunner and the Plasmoid made. There were also some nice GUI improvements, and we finally fixed the odd sorting by size bug.
Also, we're string freezed from now on, so please, contribute and translate!

Here comes the whole changelog:

- Better Thread handling when reloading packages view
- Corrected include guards
- Removed introspection in DBus system due to some custom code needed

- Faster startup and no freezes thanks to better Thread Handling
- Avoid Horizontal stretching in Queue Dialog
- Port Messages to Utf8 where possible.
- Fixed sorting by size bug

- Fixed and stabilized for new Plasma API. The Runner now works in KDE4.1

- Added Autocompletion for Packages

Posted by Dario 2008-06-06