Shaman 1.0 Alpha 2 Released!!

Just a small time after our first release, we're proud to introduce Shaman 1.0 Alpha 2. This release is a huge step forward compared to Alpha 1, and we believe it is pretty usable and reliable. Here are the most important changes since Alpha 1:

* Scriptlet Handling stabilized: reimplementation of the Scriptlet is now complete and working, so Queue Processing is far more reliable by now.
* i18n support: Shaman is i18n ready. With Alpha 2 Italian, German, Greek and French come as additional languages.
* Experimental Error Handling support: Shaman is able to detect if the Queue Processing didn't get processed successfully. This is an experimental feature, since it has not been tested.
* More Eye Candy: A lot of improvements on the graphic side. We also have a nice icon thanks to funkyou.
* Fits in the desktop: The installer now includes a .desktop file and installs icons in pixmaps/, this means that you'll be able to run Shaman from your favourite menu. Note that Shaman is started with kdesu.
* DBus Engine: Shaman connects to the System Bus. This seems useless, well it's not.
* PlasmaEngine: Our Plasma Engine is already working thanks to DBus integration. The Applet (Plasmoid) is already loadable but still empty.
* Building Output sanitized: Now output from the building dialog is more readable.
* Even more small fixes.

Hope that's enough for now :) From now on, we encourage unexperienced users to use shaman PKGBUILD instead of shaman-svn one. If no critical issues arise and we can finish the work on Plasma, next release will be a beta :)

Posted by Dario 2008-03-07