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Page Online

Today our Homepage has gone online! Many thanks to Michael who designed this great Page! Hope to see you at

Posted by Patrick Arns 2004-05-10

Plattform support

Hi folks, we are currently changing our plans.
First the Shadow CMS shoud only be a pure Linux Daemon. Now the Shadow CMS will be able to run also under Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP systems.

Thanks to the ability of the CLX Library form Delphi/Kylix we are now able to Develop a single Server wich can be compiled on both Systems.

First of all our goal is moved to Windows ... The early Alpha versions will only availible on Windows.
Nevermind, if you want to test this Alpha versions, just install Kylix Open Source edititon and compile it under Linux ... This should be no problem ....... read more

Posted by Patrick Arns 2004-02-09