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PutFile work

Some work has progressed in the coding of the 'putFile' function in, to enable uploading a file from the host to the phone. Although this function isn't working, I'm putting it up anyway, in the hope that someone else with more time(and skill!) to code/debug the function can pick it up. I'll be glad to put contributors' names in a CONTRIB file to be distributed with the package.

I have also included dumps of the transactions between the SGH-E760 and Samsung's application, which may be of help to other programmers. These can be found in the captures/ directory.... read more

Posted by acribis 2006-08-05

Progress on uploading file to phone

I'm currently working on getting the upload feature to work with the phone. I'm a bit tied down at the moment with work and a part-time Masters degree, but hopefully it will be up in the next week or so.

Posted by acribis 2006-05-28


Welcome to the SGH-E760 project. This project was started after a fruitless search for a way to access the internals of my new phone in Linux. As of today, it can support downloading of files from the SGH-E760. Future enhancements will include file uploading, addressbook modifications, SMS, and calendar functions.

Posted by acribis 2006-05-17