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#4 Draggable resizing of canvas.

Joshua Brown

It would be nice to be able to "drag" the canvas in order to resize it.

- From the bottom right hand corner of the actual canvas, effecting the size (in pixels from the top and left hand side) of the bottom and right sides.
- From middle of the right hand side, effecting the size (in pixels from the left hand side) of the right hand side.
- From the middle of the bottom, effecting the size (in pixels from the top) of the bottom.


  • Hi,

    Many thanks for your hints about resizing the canvas in xpaint.
    Enabling zoom < 100% is definitely doable but requires changing some
    foundational stuff, so I am hesitating. Introducing an easier way
    of adjusting zoom is trivial matter and I'll consider this for 2.8.5
    (2.8.4 has been posted yesterday but still doesn't appear - don't know
    what is going on, except that they say it can be very slow on
    However, changing canvas size leads to data loss if you decrease size
    - so it shouldn't be "too easy" - one way would be to put the former
    canvas in memory, so that you can always revert.

    Should I really continue such efforts when there is gimp available ? Personally,
    I find gimp harder to use, but maybe it's just me ...

    Best regards,
    Jean-Pierre Demailly

  • Joshua Brown
    Joshua Brown


    Firstly I'd like to thank you on your work for Xpaint.

    As you already know, the features I have requested don't have to be implemented, they are just suggestions for improvement.

    At the moment I am using Kolourpaint which relies on KDE. This does a similar job but in all honesty, I'd rather not have the dependencies for such a small task (not to mention the lack of stability).

    If Xpaint were to have these functions, I would certainly switch. And when people come to me asking me for an open source alternative to MS paint - I could easily recommend, hands down, Xpaint.

    I understand that some of my suggestions may be harder than others to implement. But these are the only four things which put me off using the program.

    If these features were to be included ... it would probably be the best "simple editor" available. I agree - gimp isn't that simple.

    Yours thankfully,
    Joshua Brown