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7-Zip-JBinding release: 4.65-1.0rc-extr-only

The first cross-platform release of Java wrapper for 7-Zip library was build! Check our web site for more information:

Main features of 4.65-1.0rc-extr-only (Release candidate, extraction only, cross-platform, based on zip/p7zip 4.65)

* Extraction of 7z, Zip, Tar, Split, Rar, Lzma, Iso, HFS, GZip, Cpio, BZIP2, Z, Arj

* Support for password protected and volumed archives

* Compression method auto detection

* Simple extraction interface

* Cross-platform. Binaries available for
- Windows 32
- Linux 32/64
- Mac OS X

* Over 3000 JUnit tests extraction of archive formats: 7z, Arj, BZip2, Cpio, GZip, ISO, Lzma, Rar, Tar, Z, Zip

* 7-Zip-JBinding requires Java 1.5 or higher

Posted by Boris Brodski 2009-07-31