#1132 Info if Hidden File is Extracted


Please provide a warning or a hint when a hidden file is extracted.

Archives may contain hidden files. Extracting these files gives hidden files on disk too. A common user doesn't expect this. He searches like hell for the successful extracted files which don't show up in his Windows Explorer.

User is frightened now because he doesn't see the target file. Not finding it, he tries to extract the archive a second time. This produces a "Do you want to overwrite the existing file" request.

User is worried now. He updates his 7-Zip installation to the latest alpha version. But he gets the same result: An overwrite request but no file.

User is crazy now. He thinks about a virus which may have eaten his fresh file and corrupted his machine. Woodling around he doesn't find something.

User is completely freaking out now. He posts a Feature Request.

User is calming down. He thinks about donating money to the developer.


  • Igor Pavlov
    Igor Pavlov

    I'm not sure that 7-Zip must show warnings in these cases.
    1) It's not too often when archive contains such files.
    2) It's possible to see hidden files with some explorer settings.
    3) 7-Zip File Manager shows such files.

    Thanks for donation!