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#1114 Include/Exclude tree of tickboxes


This is something I've never been able to find it any archiver, but is a standard feature in backup software.

It would be awesome if when creating an archive, you could include and exclude files & folders with a tree of tick boxes. A good example of this coming into handy would be backing up a user's AppData folder (you only need a small chunk of what lives in there), or any time where you want to zip up a big folder but exclude certain sub-folders/files etc.


  • Otter

    Very much needed mode. And not exactly “ticking”, but like CD-writers made it: a window with +ADD+ button for file or dir. and possibility to accumulate and sort everything. While still having access to archiving options on the same window. A wrapper (backup manager), i think a tad bloats it up. And the current 7zfm.exe is doing other things. It is good only for checking insides of a xisting archive.

    7zip now still, like most archivers, supports only selecting files in Explorer, and passing them all in a single string. So if there are hand-picked files and subdirs in several places, they must be copied all to other place (or mess with their structure inline), before archiving. Obviously this should be redesigned (if there will be an incentive at the authors).

    Last edit: Otter 2014-12-21