#1011 Split to feature


Hi Igor.

First of all i want to say thank you for your tool, i use it home and work, in backup utility, a special very big thanks for performance! Youre the best.

I wanted to point out a scenario of splitting big files.
Usually i perform splitting when want to write someting to flashes or cd-rws. But when splitting directly to flash there're two problems. First flash has not exactly the same space as second, the other point - that i need to presave to temp folder splitted files and then copy to flash

So it will be great if there was an option to split by available size of device. And when device is full, to close files and dirs, so flash can be safely removed and other flash inserted, open a popup with prompt to insert that space is finished where to save other data with textbox with path,

As for me its not often scenario.
And i wanted to thank you again for great performance! I'm mad on your archiver!


  • Or even better, when somebody compresses to flash, when space is overed, 7-zip will stop to compress with messagebox asking for path to store second part of archive and so on.