Backing up 'SharedDocs'

  • I am trying to write a batch file to backup all important files into a single archive. It works for all users (profiles) but not for the 'SharedDocs'. If I use the following syntax to backup a subdirectory of 'SharedDocs'. It works all fine.

    c:\programme\7-zip\7z a -r -tzip %temp%\ "Dokumente und Einstellungen\all users\dokumente\buspro\*"

    But if I step up one directory (directly to 'SharedDocs') it doesn't work anymore

    c:\programme\7-zip\7z a -r -tzip %temp%\ "Dokumente und
    Einstellungen\all users\dokumente\*"

    What did I miss?

    Kind regards,

    • Jason S Morris
      Jason S Morris

      Try this:

      c:\programme\7-zip\7z a -tzip %temp%\ "Dokumente und 
      Einstellungen\all users\dokumente\*"

      I too have been having trouble getting this sort of thing to work.  I was trying the same thing, but once I tried removing the -r and adding the \* and it worked.

      I hope that it works for you.